Here are some of the professional services I can offer as a freelance worker.

Custom Music Creation

I can create high quality custom music recordings to suit your needs with a quick turnaround time. In the past I’ve created tracks for documentaries, theatre, advertisements, professional wrestling entrance themes, darts leagues, TV shows (ITV’s Take Me Out), weddings and all kinds of other situations where some original music is required.

I can provide professional compositions and recordings in a wide variety of genres and styles, with great performance and audio quality. I can even provide transcriptions of anything and everything played if required!

Rates are subject to project size and time requirements.

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Studio Work

I’m available for remote session work to provide bespoke guitar and bass parts for your latest project. I can write and perform parts in any genre requested and can cover both rhythm and lead parts as required. I can record up to 96khz 24bit with professional quality amps and tones in my well-equipped home studio. 

I can read charts and can even provide complete transcriptions in both notation and tablature for anything I play if required. 

If budget allows I’m also willing to travel to you for recording work.

Rates are subject to project size and time requirements.

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MIDI Drum Programming

I’m an efficient and fluent programmer of realistic MIDI drum parts, specialising in the modern rock and metal genres. I can transcribe pre-written drum ideas into MIDI or write and create professional parts from scratch. 

I have an extensive library of virtual drum kits including Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Steven Slate Drums 5, Naughty Seal’s Perfect Drums and GetGood Drums Modern and Massive. 

Final tracks will be presented as a complete audio bounce, raw stems (bounced to your specification) and complete MIDI tracks. I work in Cubase and will provide the drum maps I used to edit them as well.

Rates are subject to project size and time requirements.

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Record Your Music

I can record you performing your music. My home studio is equipped with a huge amount of professional recording gear and I have years of experience working with a massive variety of artists in different styles and genres, at different stages of their musical development and with a whole range of requirements.

If you’re a songwriter looking to make a full-band recording of your song I can track you and your instrument, play additional instruments, offer advice on arrangements and structure and produce your track.

If you’re a singer or instrumentalist looking to record a cover or modified version of a particular song, I can create custom backing tracks to facilitate your needs and record your performance, giving you a final mixed product and a backing track to keep for future reference.

Rates are subject to project size and time requirements.

In the past I’ve done everything from record singles playing every instrument for singers to making re-arrangements of classic tracks with altered lyrics for a Bar Mitzvah!

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Freelance Writing

I enjoy writing articles and opinion pieces related to guitar, heavy metal and music education. I also have a long history of writing product and live show reviews. In the past I’ve been published by Guitar Interactive Magazine, Lick Library and The Sound Magazine as well as a variety of websites and blogs.

Rates are subject to project size and time requirements, following industry standards where applicable.

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