Magazine Portfolio

Here’s a portfolio of some of the guitar magazines I’ve contributed to during my career as a freelance writer.

Guitar Interactive Issue 30: Scott Ian Cover Feature

For Issue 30 of Guitar Interactive Magazine I was commissioned to write the cover feature on the career of thrash metal guitar legend Scott Ian of the band Anthrax. This was a special commission as thrash metal was a hugely influential genre for me growing up and was a major part of why I ever wanted to learn guitar in the first place!

You can read the full feature and check out my 3-part video interview with Scott at Sonisphere Festival 2015 here:
Scott Ian Interview and Feature

Guitar Interactive Issue 32: Zakk Wylde Style Analysis

For Issue 32 of Guitar Interactive Magazine I was commissioned to write and record a solo in the style of shred guitar legend Zakk Wylde, and then to create an in-depth article and video lesson explaining my approach. This was one of the most detailed and well-received tutorials that I’ve had published to date, as well as being one of the most enjoyable to create!

You can check out all the audio and video content, plus a full transcription here:
Zakk Wylde: Lead Guitar Style Analysis