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Doug Cartwright’s Lick Library Instructional Products – ‘Building On A Foundation’

‘Building On A Foundation’ is a series of video guitar lessons I wrote for Lick Library as an ideal course for rock guitarists with 1-2 years playing experience looking to develop their knowledge and build their vocabulary of fundamental guitar techniques. All of the topics covered are based on the typical, recurring questions many students have asked me over the years that I find are less well-explained or less frequently covered in much of the available instructional material for guitar.

Check out the different topics covered and purchase the chapters here:

User feedback from Lick Library:

Thank you! This has been very helpful. I keep coming back to this video and watching over and over. Doug is a very clear teacher. Really feel like I’m making progress now
 (Sunday July 30, 2017 @ 08:02 by Stephen Brown)

So pleased to have discovered you Doug Wonderful Lessons ,So Well presented and Easy to Understand . I’m a piano teacher myself but your explanation for finding out what key a piece of music is in will be so valuable to me. I smiled from beginning to end of every one of your lessons today .(the same way I did watching the LATE GREAT Michael Caswells’ lessons) I found myself saying yes now I understand how I can get my own knowledge of key signature related chord progressions and the numbered system over to my own pupils without leaving them totally befuddled. Fantastic Stuff ,I’m looking forward to New tutorials from you very soon. Regards Richard in Ivybridge South Devon.
(Wednesday February 14, 2018 @ 03:41 by richard Spurrell)

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