Lesson Fees

30 Minute Beginner Lesson (Weekly) – £35

60 Minute Standard Lesson (Weekly or Fortnightly) – £65

90 Minute Extended Lesson (Weekly or Fortnightly) – £100

120 Minute Double Lesson (Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly) – £120

Choosing which lesson format is suitable for your needs is different for each student. Typically beginners and younger students benefit from a weekly lesson and will receive more than enough material to keep them busy practicing within a half hour time slot.

Once students are through the initial stages having more time to get into detail is critical, so I thoroughly recommend 60 minute time slots. Whilst weekly contact remains ideal for purposes of development, sustained motivation and monitored practice progression, fortnightly lessons can be sufficient for self-motivated players who will take material away and work on it consistently.

Generally I recommend 60 minute fortnightly lessons over 30 minute weekly sessions for most players who’ve got to grips with the basics of guitar.

My Double Lessons are perfect for advancing guitarists looking to really get into the depths of technique, theory and musicianship; many adult students visit me fortnightly or monthly for detailed breakdowns of topics relevant to their interests. In these classes we can really get into forensic levels of detail as well as create an in-depth practice routine to be followed over the subsequent weeks to ensure maximum progress is achieved.

Ad hoc lesson bookings of any length are also welcome.

I can also offer custom lesson types to suit your requirements including group lessons, half- or full-day master sessions, week-long intensive courses in areas of your choosing, monthly mentoring sessions and more.