Home Guitar Tuition in North West London

At the moment I’m offering a very limited amount of home tuition sessions, where I’ll visit you in your home to offer guitar lessons in and around North West London. There’s a strictly limited amount of availability for these lessons as it’s difficult for me to travel to each student and really relies on some kind of locality between students to work at all on a regular basis.

I have a well-equipped teaching setup in my home that I would generally recommend for most people as a better experience for learning. Asides from the enhanced focus that visiting a specific place for a lesson gives, my studio is filled with teaching resources I can instantly access, offers great quality and instant audio playback of any examples that may come up during the course of the lesson, gives students the opportunity to check out and play professional quality gear and makes it easier for me to make detailed notes during the lesson for students to take home with them.

With that said, I understand visiting Willesden Green is not always a realistic or appropriate solution for everyone. If you’re unable to travel to me, get in touch for more information: doug@dougcartwright.com

My fees are: £50 per 1 hour lesson, with a £6 travel charge on top.
Discount available if you have a local-to-you friend who I can visit on the same trip.

For more information on the lessons I offer, check out this page here.