Guitar Solo Study – Modern Rock

Here’s a guitar solo study in the modern rock style. I originally wrote this piece as a performance for a promotional video for my teaching business, but as I thought it would make a good study piece I’m publishing the full notation and tablature here.

Here’s the original performance video with full backing track:

Here’s a video I made with just the lead guitar part and a drum backing, so you can clearly hear exactly what I’m playing. I also included on-screen notation and tablature so that it’s easy to follow along:

Finally, here’s the full notation and tablature for ease of reading:

There’s a lot to unpack in this study as it really covers a wide range of modern rock techniques and phrasing concepts. Once you’ve got the fundamentals of the techniques required to perform music like this, learning pieces like these are the best way to develop fluency and a professional playing ability.

The most beneficial way to study this piece is to go through it one phrase at a time with a professional guitar instructor who’ll help you to really get the most of it from a technical and theoretical perspective. If you’re in London you should check out my lessons page:
Professional Guitar Lessons in London