Blues/Mixolydian Soloing Concept

This video lesson is designed as a perfect introduction to adding the Major 3rd interval to the minor pentatonic/blues scale to access new blues-influenced phrasing ideas in your improvisation.

If you’re a blues rock-influenced guitar player who’s familiar with the minor pentatonic scale, has dabbled with the blues scale and is looking for something new to try out, this is a great and easy concept that will expand your playing vocabulary whilst staying close enough to what you know already to be instantly accessible.

Adding a Major 3rd to a minor scale may sound like an odd concept at first, but the blurring of traditional major/minor boundaries is inherent to the harmony and tonality of the blues. This common practice works great over dominant chords and more power-chord orientated rock tunes, adding another familiar blues-y flavour to your soloing.

In the video I break down the best ways to gain command of the Major 3rd interval in this context, showing you how to find it on the fretboard, laying down a simple ground rule essential for successfully phrasing with it, and then showing 10 simple licks that will help you to build a basic vocabulary using this sound, as well as help to spark your own creativity!

You may have seen these kind of sounds referred to as ‘Mixolydian’ in some instructional writing; although the licks are not truly Mixolydian in nature, this kind of mash-up of the Mixolydian scale and the Blues scale is often more what people are referring to when they talk about playing in that mode.

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