Free Guitar Lessons

Here’s a collection of free lesson samples I’ve written for my website and social media pages. These are being actively updated so check back often!

Blues/Mixolydian Soloing Concept – Full 25 minute Video Lesson!

Dominant Penatonic b2 #5 Scale

Double Harmonic Major Scale

E Minor 3NPS Bi-dextral 7-string Monster Lick!

‘The Fourths Awaken’ 4ths Intervals Study Piece

Guitar Solo Study – Modern Rock

Superimposing Mixolydianâ™­6 Pentatonic over m/Maj7 6/9 Chords

Doug Cartwright - Free Guitar Lessons

For information on taking Private Guitar Lessons with me in North London, check out my lessons page: Professional Guitar Lessons in London

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