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Beneath Dead Waves | Soundcloud

Beneath Dead Waves

"Metal anthems executed with brainbursting technicality."
Metal Hammer UK

"These guys are seriously, seriously talented. I mean, so talented it's almost like they're taking the mick, you know? [The song Nemacyst] from start to finish, it's just a showcase of talent; screaming solos, incredible voice, incredible riffs, tighter than a...something, I was just about to say something really rude...really tight and just incredible! ...It's like Dream Theater on crack, isn't it? It's just turbo-charged and furious metal from Beneath Dead Waves!"
Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

"The intrcacy of playing and the cohesion of the band is impressive... a superb debut album that bridges harder traditional metal sounds with more melodic influences and styles to highlight the poignancy in Beneath Dead Waves songs"
PowerPlay Magazine

"There is a storm brewing within UK metal and it comes in the thrilling shape of London based quintet Beneath Dead Waves. The quintet has just unleashed debut album Inertia, a thunderous and magnetically diverse slab of modern antagonism which is one of the most potential soaked exciting introductions to a band in a long time. It is a monster of a release, an encounter mauling and gnawing the senses but equally seducing with a technical craft and striking imagination which ensures swift allegiance to its call. There is also an undefined vein of familiarity to the proposition which brings a kinship to the unpredictable and ruggedly inventive exploits unveiled. Inertia is not the greatest album this year but right on the frontline of the most thrilling."
The RingMaster Review

"Inertia is the kind of record that the present day metal scene needs more of... It reflects upon the musicians in an honest and powerful way, and frankly, leaves any listener simply begging for more. Beneath Dead Waves understand heavy metal, and by Thor does that make them good!"
Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Beneath Dead Waves aggressive and fast-paced soundtrack will surely please metal fans and will certainly serve to inspire an electric response during future live performances... Inertia hits home with whirlwind blends of violent and varied guitar riffs, dissonant chord blasts and high-flying solo sweeps, merging together with a rhythm section of driving bass guitar and intricate and exciting outbursts of hammering percussion... there's a haunting quality to Draper's voice that delivers an impressive blow."
Roadie Reviews

"Eight songs of aggression, talent and a sound that will get those neck muscles aching with a constant banging of the head"
Metal Mouth.net

"Beneath Dead Waves are a prime example of the determination and hard work that bands are still putting into music these days; proof that the music scene is far from dead, as some may believe it to be."
Onslaught Radio 8.5/10

"What a great debut from this new UK band! Manically technical yet with a strong focus on great grooves and atmosphere when needed... Yet another awesome debut for 2014!"
Prog Metal Zone

"Who isn't up for some aggression in their metal? But this shows that they can go further, and do more than just deafen you... I have listened to this album a number of times now, and each time the melodies crawl out from behind the barrage, and I hear a little bit more each time. This body of work does not want to lie down or stay calm, and it is obvious time and effort has gone into it."
Rock Regeneration

"Inertia is a strange beast, a mix of hyper sophisticated musical composition cleverly crafted and versed in deep sadness, maturated with a spontaneous savage burst of juvenile angst."
Metal Temple

"Overall, 'Inertia' is a great album from a band that sound like they have much more to come. It's really melodic, which clashes brilliantly against the organised chaos that is going around it."


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